ABCO manufactures boats to sixty-five feet for the following uses:

Patrol, Rescue & Regulatory

Aquaculture & Fisheries


ABCO Industries Limited, Marine Group, located on the waterfront of the historic shipbuilding and UNESCO World Heritage designated town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, manufactures welded aluminum boats to sixty (60) feet.

ABCO is proud to be celebrating over 60 years of service to the marine industry. ABCO has developed a comprehensive line of aluminum boats and has earned a reputation for delivering quality products and service.

ABCO’s skilled, experienced, and professional work force is dedicated to satisfying customer’s requirements in the manufacture of safe, robust, and high quality welded aluminum boats.

ABCO has a variety of stock designs that can be customized. If none of these are suitable for your particular requirements, ABCO can provide custom designs or work from your designer’s plans.

ABCO has modern facilities and equipment for high quality manufacturing and a documented Quality Assurance and Procedural Systems.

The following Boat Video features the 32′ twin jet Harbour Patrol Boat and the 32′ twin jet Navy Patrol Boat in action, on the Halifax harbour.

Advantages of Aluminum

Aluminum has many advantages when compared to other boat building materials such as:

  • Relatively high strength to weight ratio
  • Does not rot, chip, or rust
  • Does not soak up water
  • Ease of customization
  • Very durable and resistant to impact damage
  • Paint required only for cosmetics or antifouling
  • Ease of repair
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Does not present environmental challenges at the eventual time of disposal. Aluminum can be recycled

While the cost of the hull and structure can be higher than some other boat building materials, this only represents a portion of the overall cost of the vessel when propulsion, electronics and outfitting are included.

Aluminum is particularly well suited for applications where durability and performance are important requirements.

Engineering and Design

ABCO’s Engineering Department takes great pride in developing a close working relationship with our customers during design, construction and acceptance trials. The Department has a detailed working knowledge of many marine standards including Transport Canada (TC), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).

Hull forms are developed with the aid of special design software. Detailed design and drafting is performed with CAD programs. Component weights and centers are meticulously tracked during the design and construction process. Hull plates, bulkheads, and other components are cut on a CNC table for maximum construction efficiency and controlled fits and tolerances.

ABCO’s Engineering Department has considerable experience in designing for water jet propulsion. In addition, ABCO has relationships with marine design companies for specialized and custom designs, design review, and technical support as required.

ABCO is proud to be a gold member of the Nova Scotia Boat Builders’ Association

ABCO reserves the right to change any specifications without notice


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