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We’re a close-knit company. Everyone on the floor, in the office and in management contribute their ideas. We partner with the entire team. We’re successful because of our people – because of their work ethic and the collective desire to do a good job. In our long history, ABCO has competed on a global scale in an advanced world using traditional methods. Now, as we’ve added mechanization and automation, it has essentially allowed our people to do what they do on a larger scale.

Commitment to our customers is paramount. Ultimately, we want our customers to come back to us time and time again because we’ve developed a solid relationship built on trust and confidence. They know they will get the kind of quality, value and innovation they are looking for on every project. This can only happen when we invest in our people, products and machinery.


ABCO is not just a fabrication company – we offer full engineering capability. We build and maintain long-term partnerships by working together and collaborating on designs to provide solutions.

Yes, there are stock models available, but we really shine when it comes to customization, when we have the opportunity to design from scratch – weights, measurements, every detail on the wish list – everything is customized. This is the ABCO difference: customization and dedication at a fair price. Our customers know that when they invest in a piece of equipment from ABCO, it’s going to outperform their expectations.


ABCO’s operations are housed in a 42,000 sq ft facility with leading design and fabrication equipment on a 7 acre site. We continue to invest in our facility by expanding and improving our manufacturing process, incorporating automated and advanced manufacturing techniques, and supporting our people through training and education. 

As we continue to grow, we are investing in Nova Scotia; there is a good talent pool in Atlantic Canada with some of the best technical schools in the world, and we’re proud to provide employment in the beautiful historic town of Lunenburg.

We’re in the process of expanding our Research and Development division. To facilitate and support this growth, we are focused on the innovation of current products, as well as developing new products to meet the needs of existing clients and attract new clients. 

Historically we’ve been a traditional manufacturing and fabrication shop, but change is necessary in order to remain competitive. We’re in the process of becoming a global leader in advanced manufacturing and adopting more digital technologies in the workplace. 

We’re currently selling our products in over 60 countries. The global market is open to us and we’re ready to show the world what we can do.

We’re currently selling our products in over 60 countries. 

That means designing and manufacturing to the codes and standards of each country.

Our company and our welders are certified by the CWB.