Located on the waterfront of the UNESCO World Heritage designated town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, ABCO Industries Limited is an integrated company with over 20,000 sq. ft. of dedicated inside manufacturing space, well equipped with modern cutting, forming, welding and fabrication machinery.

These facilities include:

Two 60' X 100' Sub Assembly Bays

Two 60' X 80' Assembly Bays

40' x 100' Machine Shop

40' X 80' Mechanical Service shop

Overhead Craneage

Wharf on Lunenburg Inner Harbor

From Halifax International Airport

You will leave the Airport property at Exit 6 of Highway #102. At Exit 6, choose the southbound ramp leading toward Halifax. Travel south on Highway #102 9.5 km to Exit 5. At Exit 5 make sure that you keep to the right, staying on Highway #102, following the signs to Halifax, Bedford, Sackville and Highway #102 to Highway #103. DO NOT veer left onto Highway #118, which will take you to Dartmouth and Halifax via Dartmouth.

Remain on Highway #102 for another 22.5 km. until you reach Exit 1A where you will exit to the right onto Highway #103. Note destinations such as South Shore and Yarmouth. If you miss this exit, you will quickly travel into Metro Halifax and will have to backtrack to Highway #103.

Once on Highway #103, you will travel for approximately 80 km. until you reach Exit 11 at Blockhouse. Take the off ramp at Exit 11, and turn left onto Route #324 following the signs toward Lunenburg.

From the Exit 11 off ramp, travel 0.9 km on Route #324. You will come to a four-way stop in Blockhouse. Proceed straight through the four-way stop, remaining on Route #324. You will proceed a further 9.3 km. along Route #324, until you come to another four-way stop at the outskirts of Lunenburg.

Proceed straight through the four-way intersection. Immediately through the four-way intersection, take the right-hand branch of the Y in the road. You will now be on Green Street. Drive 1.3 km. along Green Street. You will come to a Stop sign at Victoria Road. Pass directly through the intersection, crossing Victoria Road and stay on Green Street. You will pass the Tennis Courts on your left, and come to another Stop sign at Falkland Street. At this intersection, you should be able to see the ABCO fabrication shops straight ahead in the distance. At the Stop sign, turn right. You will be on Tannery Road. Proceed along Tannery Road for approximately 300 metres, until you arrive at 81 Tannery Road and ABCO on your left.