Blancher Simulator

For Process Development and Quality Control Evaluation

Simulate any combination of the following Blanch Methods:

  • Steam
  • Hot Water
  • Deluge
  • Heat/Hold
  • Combinations of the Above
  • Length 38″
  • Width 30″
  • Height 44″
  • Steam 1/2″ line – Water 1″ line
  • Voltage to suit

Compare Directly Various Methods of Blanching

  • Examine heat penetration curves for various products
  • Examine the advantage of reducing product exposure to heat
  • Examine the retention of colour, nutrients and solids
  • Examine the advantages of the unique ABCO HEAT/HOLD blanching concept
Team up with ABCO Blancher Development Engineers and determine how to obtain maximum benefits in terms of steam usage, effluent reduction, and quality of product in your blanching or cooking process.